Venue Access

The Jazzlab has two entrances, both accessed via Leslie street.

  • The first (main) entrance is via our front door which has a single step but otherwise flat entry into the room.
  • The second entrance is via our ramped driveway leading into the courtyard and then into the venue via a side door. Access to the driveway is usually closed unless we are notified of your wish to use it.
  • The majority of the viewing area in the venue is flat, however there are two areas of stadium style tiered seating – unfortunately there is no real way to access these via a mobility device.
  • If you are attending on such a device, we will attempt to reserve a spot as close to the front of the stage as possible.

If you are intending on using our second entrance, we ask that you let us know during the booking process in the “Order Notes” section. This will allow our staff to prepare both access and reserved space for you.


The Jazzlab has two bathroom blocks, one internal and one in the courtyard

  • The internal bathroom block is access via the hallway leading into the venue and contains four individual stalls (from right to left – A, B, C, and D). Stall D is partially accessible with hand/grab bars
  • The courtyard bathroom is a fully accessible bathroom and is accessed via a ramp in the courtyard

Lighting, Pyrotechnics, and Sound

The Jazzlab is a low-light environment, the majority of the light in the room is from the stage and bar areas. We do not employ the use of strobe lighting, smoke/fog/haze machines, or any other type of pyrotechnics.

Sound is kept at a reasonably low level and we aim for as much of an acoustic experience as possible for our shows. Those with sensitive hearing might want to consider earplugs. While we do not normally have an AUSLAN interpreter for our shows, we have in the past used them for some performances as well as haptic feedback vests for those with impaired hearing. We hope that as the technology becomes cheaper over time that we can employ them more often.

Companion Cards

We welcome those that wish to attend with a Companion Card holder – we just ask that you let us know that they are coming as e do have capacity restrictions. Similar to the venue access note – we ask that you inform us of your intent to have a companion with you in the “Order Notes” section when booking tickets. Companion Card holders are not required to purchase a ticket when attending with their client(s).

If you have any other questions regarding accessibility in the venue, please don’t hesitate to ask via